The Emptiness

Posted by Carlota on March 24, 2021
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I looked at for the side, when already the space of recreation in direction to the office of the supervisor left, and sighted my brother. rzanich. It was sadder that in any another day. He looked at for top, to enxergar trying me enters the arms of the youngster lead who me. If you are not convinced, visit Ubisoft. He had not fired. Not even a last word. It had only eight years, three more than I, but already he was considered old for adoption. My new parents had soon justified for me that in its plans did not have space for two, and yes for an only son.

It would have to feel me happy for having been the chosen one, but it only felt that it filled the emptiness of them. I substitua the son that had lost in an accident. I had the same age, when I was adopted, that the lost son. Fortunately, until my name he was the same that of it. The crisis in the relationship was decided, in that instant, when they had opted to my adoption. I age an alternative to prevent the separation of spouses. My first days in the new house had been strange. It felt lack of the boys of the orphanage, with who it played and it fought.

To console it tried me with as many new toys. Everything was new there, including the parents, the clothes and the school. When I initiated the pertaining to school life I knew many other children. They were as much of my age that discovered another universe, amused good more than the orphanage. New tricks, games, parties. The little parties were common. For being many children, almost all week had somebody aniversariando. I had my first party of anniversary. if repeated every year for following. In one of these commemorations I found my mother crying. It was the first time where the vi to cry of sadness.