The Holes

Posted by Carlota on March 24, 2015
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” In the pockets of each of us there are many holes, through which money is running out like water. I am a family budget for three years, I try to control every ruble, every penny. And then, periodically, tyschonku or two I can not to count. And earlier, before I started keeping a personal budget, I have lost 10 to 40 percent of their money in an unknown direction. Not lost in the literal sense. But lost in all zhvachechkah, cakes, biscuits, drinks, cafes, discos, girls, etc. The only thing I knew, so that’s what I earned $ 1,000 and two to three weeks to spend it.

And for that I am their spent, remained a mystery … No, I could certainly find some. And if you do well, then take my word for it, 10-30% of their spending, you just do not remember. 3) In order to know how much you care about something that you are today spend their money. The money you earn for a month, sometimes hard-won with blood and sweat. After the first three months of the family budget, but rather personal (when I started to take him, I was single), to my horror found that the entertainment takes me 30-40% of my budget (discos, cafes, restaurants, billiards), 20-25% of the wheelbarrow (petrol, maintenance), 10-15% of the products, 10-15% for mandatory costs (communications, rent), interest on all 10 different and funny and ….