The Journey

Posted by Carlota on August 15, 2016
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Clear objectives, define a clear goal is the first thing that is missing many sellers. Therefore, they don’t know what they should work towards: directly to a sale? Or for example on a second date where the customer puts his signature on the contract? Sit for your sales conversations so clear objectives. But you don’t put up the bar, by itself, for example, making: I want to sell the customer immediately in the first conversation a prefabricated house. Or a package holiday for 10,000 euros. Because customers (mostly) not spontaneously make the decision on a such a large investment. Thereon they want usually only some time to think and consult with her life partner, for example. Be the target of a part in the sale of air travel: I reserve for you ever four places.

And tomorrow morning I you call then, whether I should book the journey.” Please also not too low, set the bar by “To formulate as a destination for example: I would like to inform the customer.” As in many families, the woman decides holiday destination. And the man is happy, if he is not bothered that. So why not the customer ask: I should book the courses for you? Because when the customer finally is ready and you delay it forever, you fritter away time… and money. In addition, there is the risk that the interest of the customer is down for example, because she home a similarly attractive offer in the newspaper, the hundreds of euros cheaper. What behavior is appropriate, will recognize the best conversation. Similarly, if you sell life insurance.

If hasty necessary to the final customers increase only your cancellation rate. If you miss the right time to conclude, however, that the danger is great that you lose the conclusion you had actually already safely in the bag, again. Because you are not the only provider on the market.