The Mayor

Posted by Carlota on September 20, 2021
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154/2010, whose effectiveness was suspended for threshold granted for the Special agency of the Court of Justice of MS in 02.02.2011), approving street name, granting medals and you would honor, and as they had delivered medals and headings in 2010. Nothing that cannot be made by a communitarian advice formed by the community of gratuitous form, where the representative is not the person, but yes the entity which represents, without any remuneration. It is a voluntary service for its city. The money that if spends with the chamber of councilmen in a city as ours, well that could be applied in diverse important segments communitarian, as health, security and education. I do not believe the representative democracy as ours.

The Mayor always makes its majority and approves what well to understand. For this it has the safe in its hands, can contemplate the order politicians of the allies and thus purchase the vote and the conscience of the councilmen whom they need are well with its voters to be able to reelect itself. To choose the councilman it passes the hat and it is having for the entire world. The interesting one is that what spends to choose itself does not obtain to supply with the revenues of the 48 months of mandate. How becomes this magician? This wants to say that even so receiving from the people the paid councilman it stops to work? Then my idea to finish with the expenses with the voluntary work is correct. The opposition that does not have majority is a puppet that has voice that nobody hears and vote that nothing valley. It will be that it is not in the hour to change the called constitution and our methods democratic? It has many more efficient and less onerous forms to the contributor to become democracy.