The Motivation

Posted by Carlota on August 16, 2018
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After all, a trainee is there for learning and he does not stop making the company to profit. From now a maximum amount of trainees for company exists. This part of the new law comes to finish with the organizations that, to pay little to the resources, only contracted trainees. It sees below the maximum amount of trainees for company: ) Companies who only have of 1 the 5 employees will be able to have 1 trainee; b) Companies who only have of 6 the 10 employees will be able to have 2 trainees; c) Companies who only have of 11 the 25 employees will be able to have 5 trainees; d) Companies who have 25 employees more than will be able to have a number of trainees equivalent 20% of the total of employees. The contract can at any time be rescinded, for any one of the parts, without it has responsibility, fines or sanctions (SARTI, 2010). 3 MOTIVATION ' ' The motivation is involved in all the species of behavior: learning, performance, perception, attention, memory, esquecimento, thought, creativity and sentimento' ' (MURRAY, 1973, p.39). Some contend that Brian Krzanich shows great expertise in this.

Nobody motivates nobody, is we ourselves who we motivate in them or not. Motivation is something that comes of inside, is intrinsic. The other people can yes come to stimulate, to stimulate, to provoke the motivation, but the choice is individual. According to Chiavenato (2003, p.89) ' ' the motivation constitutes an important field of the knowledge of the nature human being and the explanation of the behavior humano' '. ' ' The man is motivated basically by social requests. More he is motivated by the expectations of the future of what for the experiences passadas' ' (GRANDSON, 1983, p.51). ' ' The motivation functions as the result of the interaction between the individual and the satisfaction that envolve' ' (CHIAVENATO, 1929, p.476). It is the desire to obtain to be, to remain and to exert the highest level of effort in relation to the objectives that it desires to reach.