The Puppy

Posted by Carlota on January 26, 2014
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The construction is just meets all these criteria. Even if you have got a puppy, the kennel for him to match the size of an adult dog. Before the booth put a wooden board measuring 1 x 1.6 m and pour in a post with a ring for tying animal. Around the booths constructed fence of not less than 3 x 3 and 2 m high wall fence part to make a wire mesh, not interfere with access of sunlight and allowing the part to watch the puppy. This grid gives opportunity to observe the puppy and all happens in. yard, which helps to maintain good contact with the environment and the prevention of passive-defensive reaction (cowardice). For adult dogs need in an enclosure no. Booths must be placed in a dry place, preferably on a high.

If the natural elevation of the vicinity of the gate, the gate or the door at home, it can be done artificially. The roof of the booth should have a slope back to the free flow of rain water. From the back of the booth with the same purpose it is necessary to provide a drainage channel or pipe. As the winter we have enough severe, it is necessary to insulate the booth. The simple solution – double walls, the space between them filled with insulation, for example penoplastom.V our version of the house for a dog consists of four wall panels, floor and roof. Panel sizes should be chosen so that internal volume corresponded to the size of the dog kennels.