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Posted by Carlota on December 17, 2012
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Clothing Summer clothing is suitable for all seasons. During the winter months for the areas north of Cairo, it is recommended carry a sweater, jacket, in case of cool nights in the southern part of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea should stock up on a light pullover, jackets, to visit the Valley of the Kings, the pyramids, temples – shoe on the rigid soles. January 1 (New Year), April 25 (the release of the October War of 1973), May 1 (Labor Day), June 18 (the anniversary of the withdrawal from Egypt, the British occupation troops), July 23 (the anniversary of the revolution in 1952), September 23 (Day of victory over Israel in 1956), 6 October (the anniversary of the transition the Suez Canal), October 24 (taking the Egyptian army in the Suez Canal in 1973), Dec. 23 (taking the Egyptian army of Port Said in 1956). An integral part of life in Egypt – tips or baksheesh for small favors. Maids in hotel decided to give up to 10 pounds a week (usually 1 pound a day), porters and concierge 1-2 pounds. The restaurant is to leave 10% of the bill.

Do not offer tips to those who by their profession, according to their social status is a you as an equal. Police – 122 Ambulance – 123 Fire – 125 The Russian Embassy in Egypt – 10 202 348-93-54 Holidays in Egypt – the limit of bliss. Sea, sun and golden sand all year round attracted the attention of tourists and the ancient Monuments of civilization brought up the increased interest in the history of the region.