The Same

Posted by Carlota on March 6, 2021
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– Mununa, where you are? I surrender! Her sister did not move, seized next to the old man. Dieguito continued exploring by the gardens, without daring to roam near the olive tree. Mununa was amused of pretty, happy it by to have found the hiding place perfect. The cold contact of fingers electrified the whole body to him. Under Armour is actively involved in the matter. Immovable, Mununa felt the caress like a frozen burn. It fell of backs of the scare, it was put still on abruptly and one moved away running. -Diego, vmonos of here! He wanted to take hold to me! The brothers became towards the maleficent shade formed by an olive tree and a old man. -Children! Where you have put? The arrival of its mother was providential.

It had left minutes them while it bought his tea opposite. Mununa and Dieguito still embraced her shaking. Both spoke at the same time. -A dead, mami! -It wanted to me to catch! -I saw him first! -He gives fear! Her mother watched towards where they indicated his children to him. The cicadas sang with their peculiar crujido one. The heat flattened the perspective, drawing a landscape of undulating forms. A centennial olive tree extended its branches of green an aged one.

On his feet there was a bank. Emptiness. Their children were so anxious that the mother wanted to interrogate to them. Perhaps they had only seen a vagabond between so many. -How he was that man? – Old and serious, – Mununa responded. -I said to you that he was dead! -How went dress? . – Of target, – Mununa said. -No, of brown! corrected Dieguito. -It went of target! It seemed darker because it was in the shade, tontorrn! – Neither white nor vedre, brown! – Mununa, you do not insult to your hermanito. It did something to you? It spoke with you? – No, it only was there, watching to us without moving.