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Posted by Carlota on March 24, 2020
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Delay to reach an agreement to respond to the Syria repression. The unique pact was to follow with the conversations. The EU and the USA support the sentence to the regime of A Asad. The Security Council of the UN once again kept silence on the violence in Syria, in the hope of reaching an agreement he exceeds how to respond to the new outbreak of the repression against the demonstrators and while the European countries press again to condemn Damascus. The emergency meeting that maintained the members of the maximum international organ of security to analyze the situation in the Arab country concluded with the unique agreement to delay until Tuesday the conversations exceeds how to respond to the new wave of repression orchestrated by the regime of Bachar Asad, that the weekend left at least 120 dead ones. " All the members expressed their preoccupation before the scaling of the violence " in Syria, the president of turn of the Council, Indian ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri said at the end of the meeting, while he communicated that they decided to meet of new east Tuesday to analyze what type of answer occurs to the situation. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue. " I feel daring because tomorrow the Security Council will concentrate in the Syria subject, or within the framework of a specific text presented/displayed by some member or on the basis of new ideas" , he indicated Puri, that described as " constructivo" the atmosphere of work in the consultations maintained with emergency character.

Puri indicated so he will be the 2 of August when the maximum security element studies the proposals of its different members, but avoided to detail if, after the last violent events in Syria, possibilities that exist the resolution from sentence to Damascus is approved that has been two months blocked before the opposition of China and Russia, and several temporary members of the Council, including India or Brazil. Europe supports the resolution against Damascus the countries of the European Union (the EU) that feel in the Security Council (France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal) bet again, supported by the United States, so that one is approved resolution against Damascus and, according to explained the German representative, Miguel Berger, those countries returned to circulate a project of resolution in that sense. " It is essentially the same project of resolution of sentence that we made circulate at the end of May. We have updated it with the events of last the two months and hoped to advance towards its approval " , it assured Berger, that it labeled as " atroces" the attacks against the civilians occurred in the last hours in Syria. On the other hand, the Secretary of State of the USA, Hillary Clinton, was sorry that the regime of Syria president Bachar To Asad continues " brutales" attacks against the opponents to their Government and asked the Security Council of the UN that it sanctions to Syria to finish with " matanzas". Source of the news: The Security Council of the UN keeps silence on Syria