The Time

Posted by Carlota on July 13, 2012
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This means that you are going to have more money to buy more assets that with time they will increase his value instead of of buying cars that will be depreciated with running of the time. 6) You never depend on Sueldo Many individuals are really loyal to their employees and arrive at the end to work all a life with them if to see the possibility of generating an increase in their income.

This is a gigantic error because we cannot stop thinking about having an increase in our income that go to help to invest to us and to save. It is always necessary to have an eye in all the fields, not to give no closed door and to be watching to attack. In order to obtain the so anciada financial freedom it is necessary to manage the so difficult task of leaving our activity like employees and of replacing them by the possession of assets where the money generates more money to us. And they are not wanted to lie thus same, since many we can think that he is not nothing simple to begin something own and to have the capital to do it. That truth, is nothing no simple in the life, but what if I am safe it is that many forms exist to finance an idea, it is all a question of attitude. Later it is to criterion of each, if we like to be used (she is managers, aids, office staff, etc) following a pay and of a standard of life that once outside of the company we do not have more, or to work for one same one, to invest in different assets and vivr from more comfortable way.

7) Not to depend totally on the Luck and the Chance All the successes have a mixture of several things, is luck, intelligence, to be at the indicated moment, money, tools, time, etc. But much people lives resigned, thinking that its unique opportunity to obtain a comfortable financial life is if they gain the lottery or some game of chance, beyond that if the luck accompanies to us and we won the lottery we are going to be very directed in obtaining the financial freedom.