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Posted by Carlota on June 10, 2020
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By the way, the Devil already complained with GOD, therefore some exist that commit sins and blame the said one whose, we understand that the cited one can induce the error, and not to sin we must be prepared; When the human body dies its espritos is taken for planets where its levels inhabit its fellow creatures in agreement, the santificados espritos as its levels, are taken for planets where they inhabit the fellow creatures in sanctification. The santificados espritos (demonic) as its levels are not taken for planets where they inhabit the fellow creatures in sins. The man and the woman can kill the bodies of its fellow creatures, however who has to be able to kill spirit is its Creator; The planet Land exists the billions of years, is enough to attempt against itself for the discoveries of fsseis, whose in they give notice to them of the existence of dinossauros, enormous animals that when we observe in films, despertam horror. Therefore GOD loves the man and the woman, therefore he possesss qualities of one and of the other, he takes care of for this reason them in its petitions, would not go them to place in a place where he would take advantage such monsters, as you that love your son, do not go you inside create it of a horror environment; The man and the woman do not descend of the monkeys. Click Prudential to learn more. How many species of monkeys exist in this planet? For happiness we are improved monkeys and the ones that are there do not give, they only serve to live in zoos or to serve of suvenir for foreigners. It takes off your horse of rain, therefore the animal goes to die of friagem and grippe, therefore this not glue. To prevent warm scientific quarrels based on thing some, I suggest to ' ' BELIEVERS OF THE EVOLUO' ' , that in a fecundao laboratory human being, either made one experience with one vulo of monkey the fecundado one with one sperm ' ' BELIEVER OF THE EVOLUO' '. .