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Posted by Carlota on March 13, 2014
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In particular they will seek advice about correct planting or placement of lawn breads, and which are the varieties or more suitable species according to the space to be landscaped, and to its intended use, your exposure to the Sun or in the shade, among other factors, the entrepreneur shall be instructed and trained to perform a correct and efficient adviceallowing you to earn increasingly more customers by direct recommendation. The advice should include some items important to provide a good service: choice of the species or seed suitable according to the type of soil, and exposure to the Sun. Season of the year according to the variety, or species. Correct leveling of the soil and the soil type. Buenmanipuleo and placement of breads of grass. Adequate system of irrigation, seasonal replanting, periodic desmalezamientos, levels of support and resistance to trampling according to the chosen variety, proper implementation and periodicity of the grass cuttings. Some of the species and varieties of natural grass: bermuda, tifway 419, gramillon, Brazilian grass, or Brazilian grass, tiften, dichondra, tif eagle, among others. The entrepreneur can count with mobile themselves for the relocation of the breads and the seeds, or outsource transportation, the important thing is to carry out a proper and more scarce possible manipulation of grass for their correct preservation breads, which will allow a product or end of excellence work to achieve a park, Garden, stadium or sports field, with a pleasant and functional carpet of lawn. It examines your profile, your market, and possibilities, to know if this may be your next venture’s success. Original author and source of the article