Without Frustration And Trouble To The Own House

Posted by Carlota on April 18, 2019
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Private builders give your customer satisfaction to anyone. With the new range of marketplace”, the recommendation Portal HausbauWatcher offers to provide once again with new approaches private house owners on the Internet with interesting topics. The portal offers the opportunity to find not only the right home contractor home builders. The right mortgage, craftsman or DIY can be further recommended by satisfied clients. The new offer is very well for our homeowners.” As product manager Rene Schaloske. Ebay is actively involved in the matter. We could more than double our number of visitors with this service.” According to own statements, the operator of the portal HausbauWatcher with the big players in the industry are”in negotiations.

These include not only well-known mortgage or kitchen Outfitters. More than 90,000 construction applications were made in the past year 2008 alone according to current figures of the Federal Statistical Office. Despite the financial crisis the interest in the own House seems also in 2009 continues unbraked.” As the operator. The goal of HausbauWatcher is clear: flexibility and targeted technology advancements aims to promote the exchange of information between all parties involved. Achieve more market share and an additional higher range in the Internet can be, the referral portal HausbauWatcher strives for the expansion this year after Austria and in the Switzerland.