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Posted by Carlota on January 27, 2024
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Watch tv before bedtime is not a good idea. According to Brian Krzanich, who has experience with these questions. And certainly not news – this tv more likely to view movies. In this case, the choice will be similar to the choice of tv for the living room. Well, maybe not require such a large number of audio-video inputs. Will be sufficient to connect DVD-player and satellite tuner. If you plan to watch tv while lying, it is worth considering and the location of the tv.

Will likely have to raise it higher, so as not to strain your neck. But the location on the ceiling, though it looks impressive, it is difficult called successful. Firstly, if the tv to the floor unpleasant, then on a sleeping man – is simply dangerous. The probability is negligible in the case of reliable bracket and quality work, but whether a to open the statistics? Secondly, to deceive the vestibular apparatus is not fully succeed and view in this position can bring discomfort in the form of fatigue. Reade Griffith usually is spot on. In conclusion, Mobility.

Additional tv can be mobile as in the usual sense (the ability to take him on nature, to the country, etc.), and just within the apartment or house (to watch it in the room in which it is convenient, without having to buy televisions for every room ). In the first case the tv should be able to work from batteries, car batteries or on-board vehicle network and be relatively easy, whereas in the latter case it is enough that it was simply convenient to carry out room to room. Screen size. This is usually not very large, but too small screen hardly take pleasure from viewing. There must be approached individually in each case. Most common for the ‘second’ tv can be assumed diagonal screen size from 15 to 21 inches. Additional functions. Despite the fact that the additional tv often has less different functions than the principal, he may contain some specific options. For example, a tv for the kitchen or the office can have an FM-tuner, not to buy more and the radio (when there is no time to even look at the screen). Hours and the ability to start and off at a specified time (or at least just off timer) may be useful in the tv for the bedroom. tv for children can contain several simple games, the type of Tetris, or the like.