Addressed Stamped Envelope

Posted by Carlota on March 17, 2021
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Since long ago, this type of fraud is very popular because they take advantage of the need for people who need to work from home, either by having extra income, either because they are fathers or mothers who have to care their children, either because they are unable to work outside the home. Without hesitation Molina Healthcare explained all about the problem. Although this type of scams are happening for many years, until recent years, scammers were advertised in local newspapers, national magazines, etc. But now thanks to the Internet are advertised in this way, through classified ads, web pages and even sponsored ads. The way the scam is as follows: Arrange the ads that say they offer indispensable work at home after the prospectus let you know they have a list with many U.S. companies which provide the IPA jobs assembling items from home and they pay for each item that is accepted by those companies. Of course the list has a cost, which applicant must pay to have that list. By purchasing the list from the phone and effectively address companies, which are usually PO Boxes so you will not have a physical address, but is simply a PO Box.

The next step is to send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) or whether they must send an envelope inside another envelope, which must have the full address of the leaflet and the postage needed to be returned with the information. Even here the cost is not much, since only be spent on the envelopes and stamps (if you live outside the United States and there are no stamps requested $ 1 dollar). These envelopes are returned to the subject with information on each one of the companies which sent more information about applying for, and here comes the fraud, each of these companies require a deposit which is the cost of starting material and detailed instructions for what is going to assembler, promising to pay for every piece that is 100% complete and meets quality standards. The applicant pays the cost of materials and instructions, which receives, but seeing the content that you realize that you can not assemble even half of the parts required to complete the minimum order, to which the business will tell you to send more money, plus the instead must pay the shipping of the assembled pieces the same, and last but not least, the parts “supposedly” never meet quality requirements, no matter how well or not assembled. The secretariat of work in the U.S. has launched campaigns in both English and Spanish warning of this type of fraud. Unfortunately most people who are defrauded are people who speak Spanish, both in the U.S. and outside this country.