Alejandro Rutto Martinez

Posted by Carlota on May 28, 2021
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The first thing that draws the attention of Fonseca is the kindness of some people capable of illuminating the magical world within which the visitor will feel like one of the family with his people skills. The second thing is the nostalgia for the forest tunnel that once made their home via one of the streets most beautiful Atlantic coast. Times of higuitos interlaced like the brotherly love of the fonsequeros is a spectacle difficult to witness, but will always be on a sidewalk of the memory where the oral tradition bring them occasionally so that all generations are aware the place where their parents and grandparents walked, hand in hand, to breathe the pure air of peace and step by step weaving milestones of your destination. The third thing is the spirit of the fonsequeridad embodied in his unwavering desire to return someday in search of memories and the origin; that is why Fonseca back to you is repeat the joy of birth is the most pronounced and phrase heard in streets, parks, schools a phrase repeated with greater intensity in the days of the Festival of the return intangible heritage of a land where the return is as important as the birth. The latest is the ability of its composers and poets to combine a sky, a sunset, a river or a swallow to form the most beautiful of the songs or the most precious of the poems.

Teresa corners is inspired in his people and writes: when in the evening hours already there / when the waves come to replace the day / I look for the star that you create in my childhood years /esa divine light that I have been here in the soul / Oh Fonseca! The light that you gave us is divine. So is Fonseca: with its lively streets and its cool breeze; their incredible women and their sunny afternoons; their in love poets and their workers peasants. It’s like a furrow of paradise, a plot of the sky, a serene palpitation of the Rancheria, a cool morning at some point of the universe where Dios felt pleased and satisfied by his work. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious writer and Colombian journalist frequently invited to seminars and conferences on history, leadership and motivation. Makes contact with him via email or visit their website original author and source of the article