Autoimmune Disease

Posted by Carlota on September 14, 2020
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Some people develop only a few bald zones, that become to plant in a year. Others lose all the hair of the hairy leather (total alopecia) or all the hair of the body (alopecia universalis). One thinks that it is autoimmune disease in which the body erroneously produces antibodies against the pilar follicle (autoalergia). The treatment consists of applying the minoxidil, cyclosporin, creams of steroids or of antralina or the cortisone becomes congested in the bald zones. Ferropnica anemia The iron deficiency causes the loss of the hair in men and women. Nevertheless, in these the problem is more frequent, especially in those with long or heavy rules.

This lack of iron is detected with analysis and to correct with medical treatment. Diet A low protein diet or iron can inflict casualty of hair. The vegetarians, people who make low protein diets and the patients with nervous anorexy can have a poor protein feeding. When this happens, the body that helps to preserve proteins, changing the growth of the hair in the phase of rest, reason why these people later undergo a massive fall of hair about 3 months. The medical treatment based on a rich protein diet solves the problem. See more detailed opinions by reading what Brandee Kzanich offers on the topic.. Diseases of the Thyroid A hyperactive thyroid or hypoactivates can inflict casualties of the hair. These diseases diagnose by clinical symptoms and laboratory tests.

They require a specific treatment. Stress and the disease You can begin to lose hair 1-3 months after a estresante situation. The high fevers, serious infections or chronic diseases can cause to the weakening and the loss of hair. Incorrect taken care of of the hair The excessive use of colouring, dyes, bleaching agents, permanent, can damage the hair if it is made incorrectly. Like the champ, brushes and combs, for the care of the hair can cause damages if it is made incorrectly or in excess.