Azcona Lady

Posted by Carlota on October 31, 2021
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Assailed me foreign doubts that, little by little, were born of me: what was a journalist in a town like Dorian? Why staying at the House of the Azcano family if apparently not any family link they kept? Do kind of information wanted to obtain from Dorian?. During the few seconds that followed, the mind was a whirlwind of ideas: that the Azcano had a family trifulca because of the heritage, which had been winners of a competition from television or they had seen a UFO. After weighing the most possible causes, ended up triumphing the idea that I was going to remove all the doubts: go and visit the Azcano. When they opened the door, they knew how to recognize me immediately. Questions are packed, one after another, and all did not let escape by the imagination, because sure nobody have asked: you’ve married? Do you have children? Got work? Get paid well later, when the occurrence seemed to subside, I dared to ask them. for or against this. – Yesterday I met Victor, you know, the journalist who is staying with you – I commented with anticipation. -Yes, here is because – replied the Madam Azcona – Calla. Do not give details – he muttered Mr Azcona – do you want more coffee? -continued the Azcona Lady but, this time, by changing the topic of conversation in a disguised way – No, thanks.

I’ll try to pick up my car- I explained – yesterday I had to leave at the exit of the village – as Mr Azcona – Victor – told us intervened it is best that you not try to retrieve your car, already it is a miracle that you could get here – incidentally, I see that the only clock you have in your home is also stopped. Six o’clock mark. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Arnell. Took two days without knowing what time it is – I commented to instantly observe this chance – Yes, has stopped three years – said Mr Azcona, without wanting to give more details – well, I think I’m going to leave.