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Posted by Carlota on December 28, 2021
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The prenatal consultation is an instrument that obstetra and other professionals of health make use will make possible the transformation of the pregnant woman to generate its son of a healthful form. Zugaib and Sancovsk (1994), affirm that prenatal consultation if coats with an importance redoubled in relation to any another one, therefore from it orientaes for possible medicine administrations result disgnostic and prescribed by the doctor or not, that they will influence of considerable form on the development of two customers: the gestante and the product of the conception. For Branden (2000) the accompaniment of the prenatal one must be carried through during all the gestation until the after-childbirth. The agendamento of the consultations for prenatal a normal one if extends each four weeks, until 28 week of gestation; one consults to each two weeks and, after that, weekly until the childbirth. But valley to point out that the amount of consultations depends on the socioeconmicas and cultural conditions of the patient, as well as the evolution of the pregnancy. The accompaniment of the woman and the embryo is made through medical consultations and of nursing, physical examinations and of laboratories; these must be carried through in elapsing of the gestation so that it can be identified some problem of health in the woman and the baby and to treat them fastest possible. The assistance to the prenatal one understands a set of sufficiently simple actions that aim at the accompaniment of the physiological, natural and spontaneous processes, as well as the identification of problems related to the gestacional period, where the precocious diagnosis and the adequate interventions can preserve the health and the future of the maternal-conceptual binomial (BRAZIL, 1989). In general, the prenatal consultation involves a set of sufficiently simple action, having the health professional to dedicate to listen to it the demands of the gestante, transmitting at this moment the support and the necessary confidence so that it if fortifies to lead the gestation and childbirth (BRAZIL, 2000) the pregnancy is the moment that needs a well-taken care of greater with the maternal-infantile health where the health professional must participate actively and effectively of the process of education of the gestante, searching through the carried through consultations, meetings in groups of gestantes, to repass the cares to be taken so that if it has a successful gestation.