Bronze Love

Posted by Carlota on May 3, 2021
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Color we will find the pink it in the affectionate people and enamoradizas, not in vain it is the color of the love. (As opposed to Rimac). They are able to fight until the incredible thing to secure the wished love, and usually they obtain it. When the pink color of the dawn we found it in background, it will indicate that the person has arrived at a situation of maximum stability, as much concerning pair as with the own person. In the negative aspect of the dawn of pink color, we will find a sentimentally weak person, who in addition will lack self-esteem and personality. this situation does needed the affection especially and the esteem of the others, without which it can get to undergo great depressions. BRONZE the person whose predetermined color of the dawn is the bronze, she is that one that feels love by all and all the things, only have good intentions towards all whatever direct his attention, are innocent of heart, something that we only can find in the children. They own an innate predisposition towards the humanitarian aid, as well as they are untiring defenders of the lost causes, at the same time as fighters hardened in to avoid the injustices, which at some time carries to them but of a problem, by its extreme confidence towards the others, when thinking that also they are like them.

When the color bronze of the dawn is presented/displayed in background, it will be indicating a state of total harmony with the rest of the world, feeling the vibration that the love is only able to emit. On the contrary, in the negative aspect, the person with the dawn color bronze, can get to be unbearable, where the ambition to reach their objectives definirian like authentic climb. In this case its capacity to disguise its true aspect, can arrive until pretending certain amiability, whose unique aim will be the power to arrive at the manipulation of those who surrounds to him.