China Porthole

Posted by Carlota on September 16, 2016
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It is administered by the Ministry of the Popular Power for Science and Technology through Bolivariana Agency for Actividades Espaciales (ABAE) of Venezuela for the use Pacific of the terrestrial extreme space. It is located to 35. 786.04 kilometers of the Earth surface in the geostationary orbit of Clark. Specifications of the Satellite, which involves Wikipedia sets out a very specific synthesis of everything what involves the satellite indicating: Investment of 406 million American dollars. Constructed and Designed in the People’s Republic of China by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

It is based on the platform DFH-4, that is more modern of China Porthole 12 transponders of band G (IEEE C) and 14 of band J (IEEE Ku) Owns transmitters of great power and system of transmission direct (DBS or Direct Broadcasting System), that allows that the information is received without needing a terrestrial relay station, which allows to receive the signals with antennas of 45 centimeters of diameter, similar to the employee in the private system DirecTV. Approximated life utility of 15 Years. Medium system with one Payload of 28 transponders. Weight approximated of 5. 100 kilograms. 3.6 meters of height, 2.6 meters in its side superior and 2.1 meters in its side inferior. The arms or solar paddles measure 31 meters, each of 15.50 meters in length. Satellite of Geoestacionario type of an orbit fixes and irradiadora of light, for a rank area superior. It will turn in an orbit to a height of 35. 786.04 km approximately of the Earth Antecedent president Hugo Chavez, as he is known, is pawned in to give beginning to new Socialism that it tries to institute in the country, of such way that he is able to free itself of the imperialistic dependencies, as the specific case of the United States; a socialism that must be guaranteed with all, the advances that the modern time it demands in order to assure to the country an advance in all the aspects, health, economy, education, technology, policy, accompanied in addition, of radical changes in some topics of the traditional policy of the country, since it has been the new economic openings, alliances, pacts, agreements that give beginning to transformations that favor to the country.