Cold Water Wealth

Posted by Carlota on July 12, 2016
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The wealth of Good Trip is not in its apartments of luxury, nor in its shopping, nor in the imported cars that circulate for the streets and avenues, and yes in the force of the work of that they make with that wealth is generated, it is in that worker who deferred payment in Cold Water and has that to catch two conductions to arrive in Good Trip pra to work and to generate wealth for the rich ones. Therefore it is easy to observe that all the logistic one mainly of the quarter of Good Trip said here is prepared for benefit of the rich ones and the resident middle class, as the magnifying of the viaduct that Heifer goes of Joana until Good Trip, that goes to benefit to the bourgeoisie in its transport for the quarters of the Madalena.

Tower and adjacency, and vice verso, and you perceive that the majority of the population, with exception of the workers, little goes to feel in this viaduct in itself, why it more you are worried where the bus companies increase its fleets, unbalanced, and diminish the price for in the end of month to isobar some so that it can buy that household-electric one desired, or to make that trip interior it to visit the relatives. This isolation of the ruling classes, is not a current phenomenon, however today the poverty and wealth lives physically together, to put ideologically and psychologically they are separate for invisible walls, an ocean of inequalities that if they reflect in the daily life and that few people stop to reflect.. .