Posted by Carlota on October 31, 2016
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Certain groups of the society does not have it easy to access to housing or finance it (and unfortunately this group to grow). By this administrations put at the disposal of the citizen aid and facilities of different types so that you can access to it is a right of everyone under the Constitution: decent housing. Everyone should know that aid we have at our disposal and when we can resort to them. A very important and well-known measure are the social housing, it is perhaps also the most criticized, since many people requested them and it is difficult that they awarded it, by what this helps it benefits a few, not always to those who need it most. What is a housing (VPO)? The subsidised homes are homes, destined for rent or purchase, with dimensions and regulated prices, with some economic benefits to which only can accommodate groups of specific individuals; Management sets requirements for income, age or situation family of priority groups.

Dimensions of the subsidised houses: the surface of protected dwellings shall be of at least 30 square meters and maximum 90, except when large families inhabited it then the maximum is 120 square meters. The Subsidised price: sale prices and maximum rent levels set by the autonomous communities, taking as a reference the State basic module (MBE), currently set at 758 euro per square meter. Who can access a VPO? To access a subsidised housing, whether for rental or purchase, must belong to collective minority with specific requirements. These groups are: households with incomes that do not exceed 1.5 times the IPREM in the case of access in rental housing, and 2.5 times the IPREM in case of property access to housing. The IPREM (public indicator of income from multiple effects) is an index that is used as a reference for the granting of aid. For 2011, for example, the IPREM monthly is 532,51 euros. Therefore, stop income to gain access to the property of a VPO is 1,331 euros per month. Individuals accessing the housing for the first time.

Young, under 35 years of age. People older than 65 years. Women victims of gender-based violence. Victims of terrorism. Affected by catastrophic situations. Large families. Single-parent families with children. Dependent or officially recognised disabled persons and families who are in charge. People separated or divorced, informed of the payment of pensions. Homeless people or resulting from eradication of the chabolismo operations. Other groups at risk of social exclusion or situation determined by the CCAA. If we do an analysis at a glance of the collectives that can request a VPO we can think that probably half of the Spanish population belongs to one of these minorities. So we can already advance that aid can not access all who request, since there are more people that can access this type of housing than flats in VPO coming to market.