Posted by Carlota on November 5, 2021
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And so many occurrences that we could not do! Love in young, love in older people. Work is for many of us the third of the fourth age, God only knows it the only activity that gives us enough reasons to go on living, at the same time constitutes a way or form fill our lives, moving into the oblivion of friends and strangers. The society that we live (does that wonderful Spanish democracy, what speaks to us of the welfare State for everybody, who talks about equality of opportunity, talks about affordable housing for our youth?) broken waters on all four sides, and has relegated to long-lived persons, solely and exclusively, so they cast their vote every four years. At least it has built few residences – cages of solitude where we can go to die, and, of course, be forgotten by friends and strangers. That Yes, to die in peace, carrying on our shoulders bags heavy with loaded with forgetfulness, sorrows and troubles land. Return to love us – our lazy hearts by the passage of time, which are the Sun of our lives already wilted-, that, undoubtedly, elders are also human beings that we own our hearts – that are still beating with slow- but we walked slowly, talked slowly, we eat slowly must move from pink to yellow, that is, the vitality and youthful amorous passion to a status of mature people: emotional life, second activity, promotion of culture, do what we could never take practice Ah!, I forgot (do not guess what?), and continue our lives sexually, somewhat limited, and anyone who says otherwise is lying as a Cossack (apologize to Cossacks), but relegated to fifth place in the exposed order what you intend your akinthat you may be wrong. We can also return to love us, because, undoubtedly, elders are also human beings we have our hearts our retirements are one good stage of our lives, I would say Golden to travel – albeit with the IMSERSO – and to know many countries: people, customs, culinary arts, folklore, etc. .