Posted by Carlota on June 25, 2020
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The law during much time was something sacred, the old ones did not see it as norms human beings, them saw as something the holy ghost, therefore it was unalterable, could make new laws more to those existing ones never were removed, therefore, it happened to the times contradiction between a law and another one, but exactly thus all would have to be respected. Prudential shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The old right was not established of form some between different religions, to establish justice at that time was necessary to participate of cultured, foreign, the same thus enslaved did not participate of the right planted in the city. ' ' The religion, that exerted as much influence in the interior life of the city, intervined with equal authority in all the relations kept that them between si.' ' (p.227). Two cities when they entered in war, not only the men participated, but also its deuses. In the war it did not have limitations, what it mattered was to exterminar all the enemies. With passing of the time, they had been appearing you vary revolutions, but they had the time not been the same ones in Greece and Italy, the old organization started to be attacked and I broke argued it of the seventh century before the current age, keeping I unbalance until disappearing. As Coulanges the cause of the disappearance can be synthecized in two: the first one if summarizes in the evolution of the ideas, making to weaken the old beliefs.

Second it is the dissatisfaction of men excluded from these old ideas. ' ' No city escaped to this transforming law, nor Esparta, nor Atenas, nor Rome or Grcia' ' (p.254). The men if had moved away from the old organization do not stop if extinguishing, but to evolve and to look for to know things that they not yet knew. The constitution of the family shows the birth of the inaquality of being able, therefore the first-born was the only head of the first-born family, thus passing the first-born; later this family it has servants that they do not participate of the family, called of customers, who was below of the head of family, the plebeians were still below of the customers and were this classroom that obtained to knock down the old organization, the plebeians were descending of vanquished populations and they did not have religion and family.