Posted by Carlota on June 21, 2020
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However, so that this occurred, science passed for a long process in history occidental person, if initiating, of primary form, with the daily pay-socrticos, later with Plato and Aristotle, passing for one period of doubt and incredulity during the Average Age, phase in which the Church catholic dictated the absolute truths of the world; however, later, it retakes its force with Discardings, Bacon, Galileu and the Newtons, which lived deeply a new period of the history of the humanity, where great changes and transformations were happening; science is developed, then, in the case of sciences human beings, systematically with the Marx, Durkheim and Weber, geniuses modern who had dealt with important subjects of our society, having developed each one, its way, perspectives and ideologies. In this manner, so that if it really understands what It is science today, we must start for the Old Age, palco of other geniuses, as Plato. With the daily pay-socrticos, we have the first questions concerning the things that the men encircled, as air, the water, the land, the stars, the natural phenomena, at last, the world. To read more click here: Morgan Stanley. In this direction, philosophers as Tales de Mileto, Heraclitus, Parmnides, Archimedes, among others, give name to that they searched answers for some phenomena gifts in the world. In short, each one in its perspective, looked for to study the constitution of the things, being tried to raise indications that proved its theories.

That is, they searched tests bound that them to the truthful facts. In other words, they were in search of the truth. is with Plato that this trend goes to develop itself. In Plato, science, of embryonic form still, starts to give its steps with respect to its existence: it has for objective to make the mediation of the philosopher with the mundane facts. In these terms, the biggest test of this, in Plato, comes with the Myth of the Cave, or Alegoria of the Cave.