DMSO Labels

Posted by Carlota on May 12, 2020
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The LabPal label printer is easy to use and provides a quick and readable labelling of laboratory samples handwritten labels are often difficult to read. Also less information on the label, as in a printed label fits. Prudential addresses the importance of the matter here. The pen color fades with time or smudged easily. MetLife recognizes the significance of this. The most common labels are also not resistant to chemicals and solvents as they are used in the laboratory. An automatic data acquisition is not possible with handwritten labels. LabPal portable label printer specially designed for laboratory use – allows a faster, more efficient and above all readable laboratory specimen marking. Recommend this printer for the printing of very small quantities.

The device is recommended for the printing of up to 25-30 labels per day. To print larger quantities from 30 to 7,000 labels per day macro IDENT offers also different special printer for the laboratory sector. The available laboratory printer LabPal labels (also at macro IDENT) available) are matched exactly to the needs of the laboratory. They were developed, they withstand extreme laboratory conditions. The materials are suitable for storage in liquid nitrogen at-196 C in the freezer and also for use in a hot water bath. The labels are durable enough to withstand xylene, alcohol, ethanol and DMSO. With the mobile label printer LabPal, the laboratory staff has a handy and easy to use solution for marking his laboratory specimens. Corresponding numbers and letters are to enter using the keypad of the printer.

The entered data is to look at using the integrated display and the desired label can be printed out. The LabPal also has subject-specific symbols and can also be used for individual or continuous numbering. A multiple line printing is to carry out at any time using different adjustable font sizes. The label materials and the Ribbon are brought together in a single cartridge already, very easy in the Printers can be put into it, and is also easily removed. The built-in cutter precision truncates the printed material. The small, mobile laboratory printer LabPal is equipped with a thermal transfer printer. Thus, you can achieve optimum print results even in very small fonts. The power supply of the LabPal either via 6 AA batteries or a power supply.