Durable Laboratory Labels

Posted by Carlota on May 13, 2020
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For this pressure use the macro has matching label materials for the various works in the laboratory identification. Most Labs nowadays use thermal transfer printer for printing on their labels. The small, cheap mobile thermal transfer printer, for printing of labels up to 25 per day or different desktop printers, the more than 50 or 100 labels per day razor-sharp printing need. Occasionally, there are still Labs that employ laser printer for printing on their special laboratory labels. Also for the use of this pressure the macro has matching label materials for the various works in the laboratory identification.

All of macro IDENT which labels in the range are manufactured according to the different laboratory conditions and have been extensively tested. Therefore, they are ideally suited for the GLP compliant Laborabeit. The permanent adhesive of labels ensures that ideal to use are the materials available for use in liquid nitrogen. Also, the labels for hot water bath or for the suitable Stored in the freezer. The long-lived laboratory labels for laser printers are available for centrifuge, Eppendorfgefasse, tubes, bottles, Petri dishes, microtiter plate and lid labelling. Packs with a lot of 1,000 or 2,500 labels are available depending on the size of the label.

For the printing of labels, macro IDENT recommends a software developed specifically for the laboratory labelling, called IdentiLAB. This software includes all the label sizes for the laboratory. There are hundreds of different templates. “” Graphics of biohazard symbols like E.g. toxic “, athend”, etc. are already present in the software. These can be in the selected label be included, also the own company logo or other graphics. Creating legible labels is child’s play with this software. User-friendly wizards make it easy to create new files and templates. Also 1-dimensional barcodes as also 2-dimensional codes on the labels can be printed with the IdentiLAB. To the Only three steps necessary to create a label: 1. Select of the matching label template, choose the printer model 3. Enter the text or the graphics. To review, and before you print the label, you can see the print job on your screen in the preview window.