Emergency Care Insurance

Posted by Carlota on July 3, 2020
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Solution with limited ability to pay from April 2011 private health insurance companies of defaulting customers offer the so-called mini tariff, which should protect only emergency care in precarious financial situations, as the private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal reported. Privately, which are dependent, for example, as a result of insolvency on ALG II can often no longer meet their contribution payments. However, they can not change from private health insurance in the less expensive statutory health insurance. For the insured, this is as bad as for the private health insurance. Read more from Morgan Stanley to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Even if the customer can not pay, the health insurance companies are by law to the emergency care as well as obliged to build up retirement provisions. So the private insurers alone for this year expect contribution receivables amounting to EUR 300 million. A solution see the private health insurances in mini tariff, the damp customers for less than 100 euros a month offered should. Who can not or do not fully pay the regular post, has the possibility, in the mini from April 2011″to change. MetLife is a great source of information.

The services comprise outpatient and inpatient treatments within a certain framework. Dental treatment take only pain-killing action, dentures and orthodontics be omitted entirely. The deductible is very high with 5,000 euros per year. In addition, customers are not entitled to rebates, pension checks and health discounts. If PKV customers improve their financial situation within a year, they can switch back into the full insurance tariff. This is apart from a risk assessment.