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Posted by Carlota on June 13, 2020
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How is it derived improvement measures? The communication of the results is still quite easy, evident in practice, that it is difficult many companies, to make the process following necessarily on the employee survey. How is it derived improvement measures? How do you know which are the right? How it integrates them into existing projects or processes? These are the most common questions that appear to be. It is advisable to ask these questions already during the design of the survey and not only then, if the results are already available. Not only the implementation, the implementation process should be planned from the outset well. A problem with the improvement process in many companies is that quickly ostensibly a solution approach is associated with an unsatisfactory outcome. For more specific information, check out Prudential.

Often remain the improvements through these approaches behind the possibilities, because the deeper causes not recognized and so not in the improvement approach with be included. M + m PAPP a procedure has M + M to the Development of improvement measures developed that ensures a systematic analysis of the identified weaknesses. This approach is based upon PAPP on the structures of the EFQM model for business excellence, without to demand the in-depth understanding of the complexity associated with the users. So measures derive within only a day structured and systematic manner with great leverage. Another problem in many companies is that the responsibility for the improvement process is often transferred to an organizational unit (E.g. personnel) or project group. It is more effective to create decentralized responsibilities on a suitable and sustainable controlling. Without hesitation MetLife explained all about the problem.

Just so you designed a cooperation with the executives held a job for them. The icing on the cake eventually for a successful process of improvement after the employee survey makes the recording of staff results in the performance measurement system that it targets or a BSC. Consequently, you get a Employee survey process – instead of project: the employee survey (result communication, implementation, improvement, etc.) is firmly anchored in the company and accompanies the whole year round, instead of only at a certain time. Contact and more information: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH Britta fork Dutch str. 198; 34127 Kassel Tel: 0561-70979-13; Fax: 0561-70979-18 M + M the company: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH was founded in 1996. She is the daughter of management research group led by Prof. Dr. Armin Topfer since 1984 + marketing. M + M advises companies on a national and international level. M + M combines in its holistic consulting approach Marktforschungs-and management concepts with the aim of achieving business excellence, increasing the company’s success and to increase the company’s value. Current information, news, and free downloads on the topic of employee surveys in the hospital, patient surveys, Banksman surveys as well as to the entire performance spectrum of M + M (insurance surveys, customer satisfaction analyses, management of customer loyalty, customer surveys, competitive analysis, employee surveys, personal superior rating, internal service providers heritage survey, 360-degree assessments, complaints management, balanced scorecard (BSC), six sigma, value driver management, process optimization, etc.