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Posted by Carlota on September 29, 2023
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Z-Wave shows live demonstration of interoperable smart metering solutions in Z-Wave Alliance at metering Europe Barcelona: home control products for a modern and at the same time environmentally-friendly energy management system for the household can build local energy management Barcelona/Copenhagen, September 30, 2009 as consumers and energy suppliers, the Z-Wave Alliance shows at their booth (No. 118) on the occasion of the metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Barcelona. Ebay will not settle for partial explanations. During live demonstrations, she documented the interoperability of home control and smart metering solutions its Alliance partners. (Source: Ebay). The Z-Wave wireless standard now forms the basis of more than 350 home control devices of worldwide manufacturers. The development of the advanced energy control(AEC)-framework Z-Wave has linked to the smart-metering sector with regard to the modern home automation. Smart meters, so easily connects with home control solutions and controlled. The live demonstration shows the interoperability of different products with the aim of an intelligent Control of energy consumption. Z-Wave products speak a language, for example, the Z-Wave based domestic meters of the Kamstrup company send their consumption data directly to computer, in-house displays or home control center.

The Kamstrup counters are designed electronically, and for a simple reading of the data. The consumer always has the exact overview of its electricity, water and gas consumption, and know what time its devices need how much energy. Also the smart metering solutions Horstmann, which give an exact overview of the half-hourly, daily or monthly consumption ensure transparency and control for the end user. The built-in Z-Wave chip the counter transfer the measurements to the home energy monitor, which can be integrated in the home network and can be freely placed in the House. Consumers including an overview of the hidden\”stand-by consumption of many devices. The company is also in combination with Z-Wave based tools for the display of energy use Modstrom their customers help to reduce energy consumption.