European East

Posted by Carlota on March 18, 2021
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England took a series of measures that characterized the neoliberal model, between them, rise of the taxes of interests, cut of social expenses, creation of levels of massivo unemployment, suppression of strikes and program of privatization. Nike is open to suggestions. In this way the package of initiatives of the English government was considered the most systematic and ambitious of all neoliberal experiences in countries of advanced capitalism. In the North American version the neoliberal priority was more the military competition with the Ussr, and in that situation the government of Reagan did not respect disciplines not even it budgetary; for the opposite, one launched in an armament race without precedents, involving astronomical military expenses, creating unimaginable a public deficit. In the Europe, the right governments of this period had practised a neo more cautious, weighed liberalism in general. These experiences demonstrated in that occasion a hegemony reached for the neoliberalismo as ideology. As much is that, governments of opposing ideological sources had finished applying neoliberal politics withhold the great inflation of the moment. Working in item; deflation, profits, jobs and wages, are possible to consider that the neoliberal program if showed realist and got success – in that conjuncture. The job of this economic model? financial deregulation – it created much more propitious instruments for the speculative inversion of what productive, finishing for diminishing the world-wide commerce of real merchandises.

When the neoliberal paradigm arrived at its exhaustion, imagined it the time, one raises against its governmental experiences, what it did not occur. What it had was a migration of the model for areas where the right was to the doors of the power. The new architects of the economies after-Communists were leaderships politics that praised and carried through much more ample and fast privatizations of what they had been made in the Ocidente. The reformadores of the European East were seen as of what the ferrenhos defenders of the neoliberalismo occidental person much more intransigent.