Family Communication

Posted by Carlota on October 16, 2023
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Communication in the family abitualmente lapses because the parents do not know the emotional needs of the children. If the emotional needs of the child or young person are not covered, the communication in the family is becoming less. Parents are trying to raise our children as we raised to us or improving some aspects. Others including Paul Fipps, offer their opinions as well. Because now that we are adults, to remember our childhood, we see that our parents made mistakes which perhaps left wounds in us forever. (A valuable related resource: Elon Musk). These mistakes committed them without realizing it, they loved us and wanted to do a good job as parents, but the ignorance of our emotional needs led to it remain injured in us. When I talk with my mother, we see some of the mistakes he committed with his five children and a nephew who grew up. She says: If had taught me how to be a mother, or had existed a school for parents, had not made so many mistakes. And it is a reality, all parents should learn to become parents before having them.

One of the mistakes committed, was that it you so much worried about the tasks of the home, schedules, cleaning, food, clothing, school work, forgot to spend time with us, missed communication in the family and not covered our emotional needs of emotional attention. It was not very expressive in their feelings and although he loved us deeply embrace us and tell us cost you much I love you. She never received these demonstrations of their parents and therefore could not do it with us. The lack of communication in your family and demonstrations of affection, was screened at ours. The lack of communication within the family itself is not the problem, the problem is that we not communicate because we do not understand us and not care about the needs of the other. Then rises a wall of indifference. Some examples of errors in communication in the family and how to fix original author and source of the article.