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Posted by Carlota on May 20, 2020
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wrong perspectives in health policy have reached a the cost of medical care of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany, which urges the parties to raise the alarm. The problem of the cost increase is not new. A disproportionate increase in costs occurs for decades, which already in former times was cause for concern. Now suffering from the economy, which must raise a portion of the cost, in high degree of the addiction-like tendency of these costs. (S. Additional information is available at Prudential.

51) in connection with the disastrous “consequences of one-dimensional thinking in medicine, I wrote these lines already in 2005. Since then, this strategy determined unchanged health policy, where the intent is to make more complicated financial management and to plug the holes of the structural deficit with more and more money. To realize new structures in the health care sector, the policy should their based on the Orthodox way of thinking abandon, as well as its therapeutic Approach”, only the symptoms will get away. The previous wrong perspectives need to be overcome: based on the treatment needs of patients, the number of cases and the costs are getting higher. 60% of diseases have to do with the way of life of the individual. For the health insurance companies, a need for such therapy is unpredictable and ever-increasing costs. It is geared to the allopathic method, which dominated the supply enters the Devil’s kitchen. The symptom Shifts have a vicious circle resulted. Especially, the cost of treatment of functional disorders are priceless. The two false perspectives need to be overcome by a change of perspective.