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Posted by Carlota on December 6, 2021
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We perceive in the interviews with the pupils who, although the inclusion to be something new all finds necessary to the boarding of this subject during the academic formation. In this aspect the present work observed and analyzed the processes of recognition of the licenciaturas that are part of this research and evidenced that the course of Licenciatura in Mathematics with Approach in Computer science provides, in optional character the quarrel concerning the inclusion of PNEE in the regular net of education in its curricular matrix, at the same time where the course of Licenciatura in Mathematics of the Program of Formation of Professors of Mathematics stimulates this quarrel, exactly that of insufficient form, in the opinion of the pupils, therefore it possesss disciplines regular whose the summary is come back toward the Special Education. Our objectives in the research had been materialize, to not confirming our hypothesis of that the courses of licenciatura in mathematics of the UESB campus of Jequi do not argue the process of inclusion of PNEE, a time that these comment exactly that of superficial form, according to on pupils, subjects the Special Education in one disciplines of optional character for a licenciatura and obligator for the other, as he was described previously, also we can evidence the fact of the pupils of both the courses, to perceive the importance of the boarding of the inclusion for one better teaching formation, and these not to be felt prepared to act as professors in groups who contain PNEE. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE DECLARATION OF SALAMANCA and line of action. Spain 1994. EDUCATION FOR ALL. World-wide declaration. Thailand, 1990.