First, Build Your Children

Posted by Carlota on October 31, 2021
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Many years later, while on the beach once hear behind me a lady screaming at someone in a very ugly way, insulting him, I stop and turn to see her, thinking that to me it would give shame of scold whom I supposed was one of his sons, what was my surprise to see my colleague with her equally low head being scolded againnot for his mother, but by his wife.Many times go molding our children without realizing, thinking about things, for being annoying, we say them without realizing that what we say can be so terrible or not correspond proportionally by what we are scolding them.Our thinking produces realities that can not only affect us to us, but to our environment both family and work.Think well and the result will be positivoSiempre our children behave badly, we correct them, we are waiting for not behaving badly. Grab your kids doing good things, motivate them that cute! Waw!, and not only When they do bad things and correct them. (Similarly see: Dale Ellis). Love and motivation are transmitted building day by day that self-esteem and personality, making emerge the best potential that each has on the inside.If your thinking is centered in what you do not like that is what expands. If always is pending what you can’t or don’t want to, for example.I am fat I have to close the mouth, always focusing on the bad and not the good thing.If that processed it in that way, to solve your problems you must solve your thoughts first.Thought and visualization are related, your thoughts are able to realize what you want, not thinking negatively: that ugly I feel!, I can not continue this way! It must be tuned in with what we want to work, not on what we want to avoid:!I’m going to cuidarme1 that I am well! We spent years training us in what we want, best Executive, MOM, but we do not train the mind therefore thought.Fighting with someone, the fury, anger, pain, anger, sadness, causes changes in blood pressure that can climb by thoughts, suggestion and producing attacks of panic, stress, dreams, everything comes from thought.. Swarmed by offers, Peter Arnell is currently assessing future choices.