Healthy Cat

Posted by Carlota on June 9, 2020
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Healthy Cat – it's cheerful animal, playful, with bright, shiny silky hair, bright eyed, cold and slightly wet nose. Cat willingly responds to the call, when stroking purrs, in a measure affectionate. Her appetite is good, bowels emptied regularly, urination is normal. Mucous membranes of the mouth and eyelids clean, light pink color. Breathing calm, smooth.

In contrast to healthy sick cat lax, many lies, tries to hide in a dark place, the call responds reluctantly – or the opposite: too excited, lively and even aggressive. Appetite sick cats too upset. Cat eats reluctant or even refuse food altogether. When some diseases of appetite, on the contrary, excessively elevated. Ingestion of a sick cat can be difficult. Marked coughing while eating.

Cat drinks a lot, or from drinking flatly refuses. Coat of shiny, silky turns into a disheveled and dull, dandruff appears. From the nose, eyes and other organs of sick cats appear allocation. Sick cats eyes half closed the third century. Mucous membranes of the mouth and eyelids pale, cyanotic, or icteric. Activity of the gastrointestinal tract changed: vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence in the intestine, the presence in feces of wool, worms and other disturbed urination, color and the amount of urine varies, an unpleasant smell. Body temperature of a cat, breathing, pulse and change. However, the signs of the disease cats usually do not appear all at once. Typically, most clearly is expressed by one sign, while others accompanied him in some combination. On the improvement of well-being and recovery, the cat shows the disappearance of all painful manifestations characteristic of a disease. It is believed that in the event of illness the cat itself 'cure'. This is misleading. The Legend of 'survivability' Cats can only be explained by the fact that the animal can long conceal the onset of illness. It is important to notice in time, as changes the behavior of your pet, and with the first manifestations of the disease must seek medical attention. Tips 'knowing people' could cause irreparable harm to the cat. If you notice any changes in the behavior of your cat, be sure to the arrival of a doctor examine her own, that he presented to you (as objectively as possible) pattern could determine the nature of the disease. Inspection is recommended to start with wool and leather. Then determine whether there is discharge from the eye and other organs. The oral mucosa inspected by otgibaniya up the upper lip. Try to see the animal's mouth, pay attention to the condition of the mucous membrane, tongue, throat, teeth. Ear cavity shell and the ear canal should inspect in daylight or bright light. State of the intestine is determined by a light feeling stomach cat. With this method, surveys can be easily determined soreness intestine, the presence of gases, the degree of accumulation of feces. If a cat owner has some skills, he can also determine the degree of bladder filling. Nature of the excretory functions determine when natural functions cats, but not interfering with her to make physiological processes. If you need to do laboratory analysis of collected feces, urine. To complete the same ideas about the state of the cat to be measured the temperature of her body, to determine the frequency of breathing and pulse count.