Hospital Environment

Posted by Carlota on May 26, 2020
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The cares most intensive to the health can in such a way be carried through in the hospital environment how much in the domiciliary environment. As Michaelis (2001) the hospital term mentions it what he is pertaining or relative to the hospital. Click Danske Bank for additional related pages. The hospital is an institution whose basic intention is to receive the human being and to give cares aiming at to restore to the maximum its health. For Michaelis (2001) the domiciliary term mentions the domicile to it and to that if it makes in it. The domiciliary internment, as Lacerda (1999) is the installment of systemize cares of integral and continuous form in the domicile, with supervision and action of the team of specific, personalized, centered health in the reality of the customer, and involves the family, being able itself or not to use equipment and materials. As Lopes (2003) domiciliary internment is the care in the domicile of patients with acute problems or egresses of hospitalization that demands a more intense attention, but that they can be kept in house, since that make use of equipment, medicines and daily accompaniment for the team of the UBS and the family that assumes a part of the cares.

Therefore, this attendance does not substitute the hospital attendance. This study one is about a bibliographical and objective revision to reflect on the importance of the nurse front the attendance and domiciliary internment. Paskulin and Days (2002) had gotten in its study the comparison of the hospital care with domiciliating, in which the majority of the patients related to have preference for the domiciliary care, for this to confer greater autonomy to the customer and family, to represent greater tranquillity, to provide proximity of the family, to respect the habits, customs and wills of the customer, and for the customer not to need to wait its time to be taken care of.