How Do You A Headhunter To Take Advantage?

Posted by Carlota on October 17, 2023
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A pro tells what powerful and risks is to connect to it. Recruitment consultant occupy about 80 percent of all leadership positions in the industry. To you, no one passes when it comes to the occupation of a high-level position in the economy. Who was never called, can be also successfully active. You can just absolve? Recruiters contact often with potential candidates in the workplace. Who vordergrundszenen about such an\”direct search\” is called should the headhunter listen attentively, even if he has no intention of changing in the very first moment. Because almost always beckons a free career advice and the chance to be included in the database or the network of the headhunters. Then it will be matched automatically at each new search order with the requirements profile.

But not everything that is sold as a career advice is automatically good. An industry insider confirmed: each call today recruitment consultant \”,\” headhunter \”is thereby unfortunately today often negative. The difference in quality are partially enormous, the profession itself was not protected, there is no quality standards. Not always a big Agency is a guarantee of quality, sometimes smaller, sector-specific consultants are the better choice. A well maintained database and tricky were formerly direct searcher () I’m Assistant Professor XY. We are looking for a speaker for a workshop ) the secret of a successful headhunters.

But the Internet has arrived also in personnel consulting. Some work now also without a database, search online job boards, industry forums or business networks such as OpenBC (, Capup ( or LinkedIn (, where in addition to forum posts also the CVS of the members can be seen. The intention is clear: A database must be well maintained in business networks, however, the members maintain their profiles themselves and filing corpses noticed quickly. There are no quality criteria,\”human resources consultant\”is not a protected profession.