Krista Sochor

Posted by Carlota on September 24, 2020
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Soraya M. Kuehne, designer of the VIP invitations to the Golden camera, Marc Friedland,. U.S. designer of name cards and gold envelopes for the Oscar winner, Krista Sochor, designer of the VIP invitations to the Festival de Cannes, Florian Kohler, creative head of the Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND (v.l.) an exciting afternoon on the subject of brand, into a fascinating spectacle of action pur followed. GMUND action: New’s developed speed colors which gave new dimension for perceived communication neon colors ever, it says. You may find Penguin Random House to be a useful source of information.

But in GMUND, one had the claim to integrate speed with paper. The resulting sensation sensational colors and extravagant feel search their same. Never existed so stinging paper colors, which give value with galvanic effect of any application”, so Kohler proudly about his latest creation. For the presentation of GMUND action the location was artificial fog emerged and turned into a real crime scene with butterfly ribbons, what you could feel the whole body. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here. The GMUND action film offers a glimpse: BU: Florian Kohler, the brand makers among the specialists of the paper, the Creation of new paper with so-called speed colors: GMUND action. The names of the papers were program: penetrating bass tones, fast strobe lights and biting neon yellow on the walls the paper version was presented with vibrant arsenic the audience. HAA, axe, and Red liquid neon color waited in the topic space electric blood.

The paper is soaked moved the visitors almost uncomfortably close. A nurse greeted the visitors in the third space. Handshake got the visitors to feel a small shock or were jolted by a loud bang from the socket. The room with the shrill paper pastel heart attack was lined. Nuclear acid hurts the eye, you think. You can create more attention with a paper. This shimmering bilious Green was shown and to an energy kick, a vitamin drink of the ultimate given between bubbling test tubes and skulls. Much quieter things went in the Crystal Vanilla sorbet world. The room was dipped in a touch of cream and a little dessert homemade vanilla sorbet served. In terms of printing and finishing the best in the business in engraving, screen printing, letterpress, embossing and bookbinding craft at the exhibition on the subject of technology on paper in the 3D worked space reconnaissance”. For anyone who wanted to be digital to date in addition to paper, were able to admire the latest devices from Apple. A memorable scene of the paper presentation, which elated the well-known DJane Julia Diamond with the swing sound out.