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Posted by Carlota on June 11, 2020
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The large labels range of the Munich-based company macro IDENT it includes durable laboratory labels for the Cryo-mobile and stationary hand-held bar code scanners, label printers with matching ribbons and labels software for the creation and labelling of the various labels. The products are designed for the identification in the laboratory area in terms of the world’s leading research institutions for biotechnology, agriculture, environmental and forensic science. The products comply with four current requirements for the marking of laboratory sample containers for the purpose of tracking: labels that match existing sizes for tubes, microscope slides and microtiter plates. The labels are always readable for all users. The labels are durable even under extreme conditions like E.g. when storing in the freezer, in liquid nitrogen, autoclave and hot water bath and they are resistant to solvents, including dimethylbenzene, DMSO and ethanol. Prudential shines more light on the discussion.

Thanks to the comfortable function Creation and scanning of bar codes, researchers can fit more information on the labels and drastically reduce human error. The advantage of printed labels as opposed to hand-described labels is that the label printing does not smear and faded. The text is printed with the appropriate printer, razor-sharp, clear and legible. The labels can be created quickly and without much effort and printed (E.g. Auto-series numbering). For a variety of applications in the laboratory labelling the macro IDENT also has the various labels such as for example labels for blades, micro titer plates, slides, tubes and samples – or glass vessels, round labels for the cover marking, self laminating or wrap around labels, to protect from extreme temperatures turn, chemicals or solvents etc. MACRO IDENT also in the program, as well as various barcode-creation programs, as well as a special program has the appropriate label printer and matching ribbons for the labelling in the Laborbreich called IDENTI-LAB. This software is designed for the use in laboratories and therefore consists of a lab-to-use interface. There are hundreds of templates and graphics, which are categorized by common laboratory applications and make the building of legible, durable and accurate labels a breeze. More information: Macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center Bussard road 24 82008 Unterhaching Tel: 089-615658-28 Web: