Linear Images

Posted by Carlota on January 22, 2012
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The corresponding images are called landmarks. Best orienting images obtained with high camera angles. At the same time they are most close to plan showing the location of objects. It is recommended to use wide angle lenses or to make a panoramic shot. Should not limit the number of survey personnel.

If possible orienting images do from different angles, no less than four sides, so that you can later select the most typical. b) Review survey. Panoramic photography sightseeing photography captures the fire place in isolation from environment, ie, within the boundaries of the burned car. If the scene does not fit in one frame, use panoramic photography. Types of panoramas in the practice of fire investigation may be the following: Circular view, encompassing the area within a circle, ie, 360 ; Pie pan, covering the area within less than 360 ; Linear panorama covering space is not in the corner, and a linear dimension. Sector panorama is the most common. The best results when shooting this panorama obtained using a tripod when the camera is strengthened by a special panoramic head, which is a device rotates about the vertical axis of not less than 360 . Method cyclorama – used to shoot from long distance. The object photographed from a single point in parts, turning the machine on tripod head or (in the absence of a tripod), turning with the device in his hands and remaining in one place. Method of linear panorama – it is used for shooting at close range, when the parameters of the premises does not allow a sufficient distance away.