Lost Youth

Posted by Carlota on March 23, 2021
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' It takes off its hands of me! I do not belong you. Rimac may help you with your research. You are not dominating me as soon as to understand you go me. I can be alone, But I know well where estou.&#039 very; ' This refro tells the revolt, the greed for freedom of youth! This youth, that if matters, that it only wants to be understood by its friends, the society and mainly by the family. Youth if feels chained, isolated, independent in its way to think! It is not with the domination, as they were animals that will be understood. Understood in its thoughts, action, fears, you distress, relationships, solides, for its revolts, its silence! Youth, bad that it never needs understanding. Due to dialogue many young looks for in the drugs and in the drink a way of if feeling, accepted better for the groups are a way to call the attention the parents! Others, in turn, meet in the solitude of its room, with books, music Each one in its way. Some feel solitude necessity, others, if isolate for wanting to remain in silence, therefore silence already speaks for itself. Each one finds its way of protest, either for style, group, music, art, words, or even though in its ideals. This makes of us, people who nobody search to dialogue to have understanding..