Managing Money

Posted by Carlota on September 27, 2022
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Scoring maps are different not only in each bank, they may differ within the same financial structure depending on the loan product. It’s one thing to give a loan to buy an electric kettle and quite another – the car. The only way to find out more – it goes to work with us and sign an agreement not to disclose trade secrets, tell jokes bankers. Is usually not a secret only the most general information: for example, women as payers of disciplined men, family disciplined than alone. Oddly enough it may seem at first glance, but a plus is the fact that the client rents an apartment.

This means that he has already worked out habit to make timely payments, and he knows what will happen if you do not pay on time. Of course, the best place to live, from the standpoint of the bank, in your own home, but prefer to rent an apartment, than to live with their parents. The big plus would be the presence of the client children, especially those born in recent years – means that the family is confident in its future. Actually, there is no opening here: come to similar conclusions developers scoring products in different countries. Here, Wendy Holman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As they say in the Experian-Scorex, the company operates in 60 countries, annually about 350 developing scorecards. In processing the data revealed that the effect of varying specifications on the creditworthiness of the same almost everywhere. “In 95 percent of cases women are paid better than men – explains Daniel .