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Posted by Carlota on September 29, 2021
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BRAZIL SEEMS NOT TO BE a SERIOUS COUNTRY Eduardo Veronese Da Silva In these years, some movements strikers had been carried through in the Great Victory, among them, is distinguished carried through for the category of patrimonial watchmen and the drivers of collective transports. The first ones had complicated the life of the population limiting the access the bank agencies. They demanded, among others, the increase of 15% (fifteen percent) of wage. After many syndical meetings and not having agreement, the judicial intervention through collective agreement was necessary, to arrive 8% or 10% of increase. As it was changedded into national reporter. It had depredation and burning of bus, wounded and hindered people to follow trip. Among the requirements, the order of 30% of wage increase is distinguished.

For determination of justice 50% of the bus fleet they had circulated and was the sufficient to tumultuate the day the day of the person from de state of espirito santo people. Except for deceit, they had arrived at the agreement in the concession of 10% of increase. Some reasons had been alleged for not attendance of the initial claim. It is called attention for an old conflict on wage question, that all comes back tona final of year – the minimum wage. Later that Jose Mountain range emphasized in the campaign, that would raise the minimum wage for R$ 600,00 (six hundred Reals), it seems to have been the condiment necessary to apimentar the quarrel. The wage-earning worker is presumed that wait that this increase is confirmed by the government, Mountain range exactly not having been elect. However, what he propagates yourself in the press and the embroidery frames, he is that the percentage of increase of the minimum wage will not exceed the 6% house (six percent). The Minister of the Planning Pablo Renato, came back to defend that the wage pass toward R$ 540,00 (five hundred and forty Reals). Glenn Dubin contains valuable tech resources.