Modern State Standards

Posted by Carlota on June 2, 2020
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Today, just shelves are crammed with a variety of products from different manufacturers: a glance at a shelf in a store, it is easy to count nearly two dozen types of sanitary ware, tiles, siding, adhesive. And the same label "Carried out in accordance with GOST" hardly likely to say that all packages with this brand contain vysokokachetsvenny product. This is the Standard Building. The term "Standard" means "national standard". Standard entered the coined in 1925, when the Committee has been established for standardization at the Council of Labor and Defense.

The guests, there are about twenty-five thousand. During Soviet times, state. standards were the same binding, as laws. Read additional details here: Prudential. But the new law, state. standards are not laws, and voluntary instruments, in-laws which include only issues of safety and security. Knowledge of building guest today has become particularly relevant, due to the rapidly growing construction industry. It is also necessary to read the SNIP, the cooling you need to know and pay attention to the Standard building materials imported for use in construction.

Official publication standards involved in the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of Russia. You can also download ghosts on the Internet. With regard to Europe, where the issue involved in several organizations. Manages all these organizations to the European Committee for Standardization. At the international level standards are governed by the International Organization for Standardization.