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Posted by Carlota on April 30, 2020
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“” PCI floor technology: new reference work with non-fiction character our new publication is no simple booklet “, explains Christian Kemptner, responsible marketing manager sales marketing for the PCI Augsburg GmbH. rather the complete works is a compendium with non-fiction character, which leads to the right solution quickly and easily craft, but also specialist dealers, architects, planners and builders.” The new plant of the Augsburg manufacturer of construction chemistry is now titled PCI flooring technology. Products and systems of the surface preparation up to the bonding”appeared and includes all systems and products of the PCI-floor sensors. Enriched with illustrative images, tips of PCI clients and application engineers, as well as concentrated expertise the Advisor supports professionals in their daily work, but also for specific orders. With this first set work the PCI has pursued a new way”, Kali.

Because it facilitated by its clear structure with a colored tab and “easy-to-understand pictograms a fast look up.” In addition content emphasis the motto true to a picture says more than a thousand words”on image series of processing steps, system drawings and product overviews. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue. All images with informative text modules and helpful expert advice from the practice be relined. Using cross-references and QR codes, floor laying will be informed also going on and across. Clear and comprehensive so the compendium in various headings is divided, guide the reader by means of cross-references to related and secondary topics. Within the headings all around the range of PCI flooring technology is treated, for example to all PCI products, the new systems, virtually all application cases, surface preparations or to marketing and service.

The compendium is completed by that on the frequently asked questions and answers, as well as a final area with quick summary tables, the so-called Quick Finders, depending on the surface or the upper plaque to be installed have the PCI product suitable.