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Posted by Carlota on July 15, 2021
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Be a shortage of parking at the Munich Airport? While it’s runway in Munich about the debate on the expansion of the third runway, this topic has been long again in Frankfurt forgotten, after the new runway was opened in October 2011. Hal Jones is often quoted as being for or against this. The major airports of in Germany are expanding, to the ongoing demand to keep. The volume of traffic in the air will continue to increase at, especially in the wake of globalization in the next few years. This traffic require but also the expansion of travel opportunities or their improvement. At new Berlin airport BBI for example there will be an unprecedented range of travel alternatives. The train Gets a good connection to the city of Berlin by the Berlin public transport, but also in the rest of Germany with the help of regional and long-distance trains. Not to mention the connection especially in Eastern Europe, such as Poland, is also to attract more airport guests.

Airport Munich, however, is a bit far outside the town, you should allow at least one hour for those travelling by public transport. Therefore it is useful to switch to a more convenient and time savers end journey: the car. This question does not arise to but then after appropriate parking far away and not too expensive. Mainly private service providers are trying to provide added value to the customer here. Close to the airport parking in Munich to represent a cost-effective alternative to direct Terminal parking. To book airport parking in advance on the Internet and can arrive stress free and relaxed as you advance an exact address is dealt with. To the Terminal, one is brought with a shuttle service and picked up there again. Who would like to park but nevertheless directly at the Terminal, will have to make probably higher costs.

The short route to the gate is here of course beneficial. Both options have proven themselves on the other hand, if traveling with baggage, because you can use luggage of trolleys or through the Shuttle service no long distances must resign. Also in Munich, the question will arise for more parking places if the third runway should be built really. Since then the airport can again carry a variety of new guests in the rest of the world and must no longer as it is today working to capacity. Maybe the private providers will play in this situation an even greater role than today, because the airport is limited and only a limited number of on-airport can provide parking available.