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Posted by Carlota on April 11, 2021
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The Association of German Zoo Directors has expressed recently and clearly on the side of the circus (wild) animals. Zoo and circus have the same goal, to bring the animals to people. Thus a concern for animals is not least awakened, their natural living spaces more and more will be destroyed. So live today already more tiger in human care in zoos and circuses as in nature. And Africa elephants are killed in targeted, because the Habitat is no longer sufficient. In the circus, animals thanks to years of care are proven to significantly older than in wild and free. A representative study of the renowned GfK Marktforschung of Nuremberg has given end of September 2008 the silent majority a voice: 85,5% of the Germans (men and women from a 14 J.) like to see animals in the circus! Leaders are it predators, elephants and horses that like to see roughly two-thirds of all respondents in the circus. The rejection of the positions of so-called animal rights activists is high.

Not “less than 76.4% of respondents are namely the opinion animals in the circus all right, if all requirements are met”. And not last but not least the German Bundestag confirmed also recently under a petition procedure, the statutory provisions on animal husbandry in the circus that is appropriate and sufficient. Therefore demands the company of circus enthusiasts e. V.: animals belong to the circus. The policy must create the necessary conditions so that we can experience animals in the circus in the future also in Mannheim! Guidelines “must be generally binding legal text. In practice, they must define a reliable standard in the circuses, pet owners and veterinarians alike can focus. “If all regulations, these guidelines, in particular” complied, the circus finally also in Germany the recognition as part of European culture and the support required for a long time by the European Parliament deserves to be through politics, the media and the public. Contact: Society of the Circus friends of e. V. Stefan Nolte Dalbergstrasse 2 67574 Osthofen Tel.: 06242/913205