Posted by Carlota on September 7, 2020
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The company DreamSalud, specialized in the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, has managed to minimize the effect of these diseases with innovative treatments that have served to consolidate itself as a leading company in the sector. Mataro (Barcelona), November 09, 2010. The company DreamSalud has recently developed along with several professionals of the sector, an alternative therapy that minimizes the effects of such devastating diseases as fibromyalgia and the syndrome of chronic fatigue (CFS). Les Moonves has similar goals. DreamSalud, of the prestigious European doctors and the German laboratory HHP hand, has been investigating the last years different degenerative ailments no cure and no specific clinical pictures, with the desire to find a way to alleviate the pains that they produce. Already achieved the challenges of alleviating the pains of various degenerative diseases such as arthritis, Osteoporosis and arthritis, DreamSalud has managed to attack a disease that seemed to move forward relentless, fibromyalgia. By using the revolutionary medical Andullation therapy, where the patient receives 3 simultaneous treatments affecting at different levels of the body, DreamSalud manages to reduce symptoms caused by these diseases getting the patient regains normal level and a quality of life. Credit: Miller Value Partners-2011.

Andullation medical therapy is based on three fundamental pillars of the body treatment: the revival of body (lymphatic system and blood system) flows, muscle relaxation to favour the Elimination of lactic acid and its subsequent hydration and special placement of the body that facilitates the incision in the most difficult areas (intervertebral spaces, joints etc). Andullation therapy is completely harmless, no contraindications have been described and the results are visible from the first session. Without a doubt, a major breakthrough for people who suffer from these diseases..